New Treatment for Macular holes

Recent approval of Jetrea (Ocriplasmin) to treat symptomatic VMA (Vitreo Macular Adhesion) has opened up a new era in non surgical management of macular holes. Previously only a hospital based surgery was able to reverse the process of macular hole development but now a new drug can be injected into the eye painlessly in the office and within a few weeks the process reverses back to more normal vision levels....  more

FDA Approves ASRS Leader's ArgusŪ II Artificial Retina

On February 14, the FDA approved the Argus II artificial retina developed by ASRS Executive Committee and Board Member Mark S. Humayun, MD, PhD.

This breakthrough technology is the first ever to offer limited vision to patients with late-stage retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

 Second Sight Medical Products (Sylmar, CA) manufactures the Argus II implant, which has 60 electrodes and a tiny camera mounted on eyeglasses to capture images.

 The FDA approved Argus II for adults age 25 years or older with severe to profound RP. About 10,000 to 15,000 of the 100,000 Americans with RP will qualify for Argus II. Up to 4,000 patients a year can be treated with the device.

...  more

Macular degeneration and Aspirin?

Aspirin and Macular degeneration... is there an increase in the wet form of macular degeneration in those patients taking aspirin? The wet form develops quicker than the dry form. It may only be related to the fact that you are more likely to take aspirin if you have medical problems like stroke or heart attacks in the past and these conditions are more commonly associated with wet age related macular degeneration. ...  more

Billing & Insurance

At East Carolina Retina Consultants, we file all claims with insurance as a courtesy to our patients and their families.  However, is it your responsibility to provide our practice with the most up-to-date documentation regarding your coverage.


For your convenience, we accept insurance from the following providers:


Atlantic Integrated Health


BCBS Federal

BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans

Cape Network


Cigna Open Access


Health Care Savings

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans



Medicaid CA


MultiPlan Network

Palmetto GBA

Professional Claims Management

Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage Plans

Services for the Blind

Southeast Community Care

State of NC Health Plan PPO

Tricare Prime

Tricare Standard Plus

United HealthCare

Wells Fargo- Perdue

Worker’s Compensation


General Insurance Notes & Procedures:


Co-Payments, co-insurances, deductibles and self-pay charges must be paid at the time of your appointment.



Patients With Insurance:

  • Present your current insurance card for our records and be prepared to pay the co-payment/co-insurance/deductible amount your insurance requires for a Specialist visit.
  • If you cannot make the payment in full for the balance due after insurance then we ask that you contact CareCredit at or you may call them at (800) 677-0718 to establish a credit account to pay for your services received at our practice.
  • Your appointment will be rescheduled if co-payments are not made the day of your appointment, unless you have an emergent condition.
  • If you have questions about these policies, please call and speak to a member of our staff before your appointment date.


Medicaid Patients:

  • If you are an enrollee in the Medicaid program you must present your Medicaid Card and be prepared to pay your co-payment of $3.00 the day of your visit.
  • If you cannot pay your required co-payment or do not present your Medicaid card, your appointment will be re-scheduled unless it is of an emergent nature.


Worker’s Compensation Cases:

  • If you are referred to East Carolina Retina Consultants due to an on-the-job injury, you must provide us with your employer’s worker’s compensation policy information and a contact name and telephone number for your employer.
  • Failure to provide this information will result in your visit being re-scheduled, unless you agree to pay the charges for the day’s visit in full or unless your eye condition is emergent.
  • Any money received from you will be refunded upon receipt of payment from your employer’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance Plan.